Reimagining Insurance

We combine industry expertise and design thinking to transform our clients’ businesses.

We identify strategic opportunities, prioritize, and co-create solutions with clients and tech partners. Our track record, global FinTech network, and collaborative approach provide the rapid innovation needed for a competitive edge.

Moshe Tamir

CEO & Founder

Axell was founded with a commitment to accelerating digital transformation in the traditionally slow-to-adapt insurance industry. Through my work with insurers worldwide, I’ve seen the common challenge of moving away from outdated processes and platforms. I believe these companies need to build digital-first businesses, rather than simply digitising old practices.

At Axell, we leverage our global insights, extensive experience, and a strong network of partners to help our insurance clients transform more quickly and enable our technology partners to scale effectively.

Delivering unmatched expertise to our clients.

We specialise in collaborating with global insurers, uniting tech partners and VCs to create a unique, connected ecosystem that traditional consulting firms cannot offer.

What makes Axell different?

We become an extension of our clients’ teams, supporting every step of the digital transformation journey.

Personalised Service

Strategic Advisors

Industry Expertise

Exclusive Network

Our proven track record

We have worked with over 15 insurers and 20 technology partners over the past 5 years to deliver real solutions and growth to our clients.​

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