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Use Case

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Automated securities lending

We designed and implemented a digital platform to allow security lending through custodian banks to be fully automated and transparent. Our client has been able to gain greater visibility over the process, reducing risk and being able to make decisions in real-time.



  • No visibility of the custodian banks’ processes.
  • Unable to improve or enhance the process that was owned by the bank.
  • Duplicated effort with unique processes for each custodian bank.



  • Digitising the process on a common platform to create transparency in the process.
  • Generate greater returns with real-time reporting and transacting.
  • Provide the lender greater control to make timely decisions.


The Solution

  • A digital turnkey solution, Sharegain was implemented into the asset managers business in a matter of months.
  • The project did not impact the client’s IT resources or additional CAPEX.

How Sharegain Works

Use Case | Axell-Hub

Visit the Sharegain website to discover how the solution works. Find out more >

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Tech Partner Testimonial

Use Cases - Asset Management | Axell-Hub

Working with Moshe and the team at Axell has been a pleasure. They have played an invaluable role in understanding the client’s needs, helping to distil and tailor a solution that meets those needs and streamlining the project’s delivery.

Use Case | Axell-Hub