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Use Case

Digital Client On-boarding

Reimagining the client on-boarding experience was the goal for this multinational insurance and asset management client. We designed and built a solution in partnership with our technology partner – it was less than nine months from project inception to implementation.



  • Manual client on-boarding was inefficient, prone to error and reliant on physical processes
  • Lack of transparency over the process for staff
  • Poor client experience from multiple data entry requirements
  • Asset manager was exposed to risk from manual handling client information and with no clear audit trail 



  • Deliver a seamless client on-boarding experience at scale
  • Empower admin teams with readily available information and clear workflows
  • Reduce operational costs and administration burden
  • Improve risk and regulatory reporting 


The Solution

  • Digital client on-boarding experience
  • Digital document management
  • Automatic workflow management
  • Team collaboration & engagement tools
  • Advanced electronic signature
  • Biometric recognition of remote signatory
  • Platform implementation has allowed additional use cases and tech integrations within the business


Axell Team | | Axell Hub

With our proven innovation process, we helped our clients
design and launch a fit-for-purpose solution

Project Goals

Distribution | Axell Hub

Customer Centric

We helped our client build a fully digitised experience on the front-end that featured e-forms, digital signature, 24/7 access and remote identification on mobile.

Portfolio Management | Axell Hub

Process efficiency

Back-end digitisation allowed a fully automated administration workflow with clear roles for teams, notifications of new tasks and instant data validation.

Insurance blocks Claims/Underwriting | Axell Hub

Increased transparency

The solution gives stakeholders live updates on application progress while a single repository for all data, and reporting dashboard, meant information was easily available.

Operations & Risk | Axell Hub

Reduce risk

Dashboards automatically configure reports for relevant stakeholders and regulators while scheduling tools means no steps were missed in the onboarding process.

Digital Client Onboarding | Axell-Hub

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Interested to find out more? We have a comprehensive case study of the process to redesign onboarding for our client. The case study steps through the research and ideation process and gives an up-close look at the final solution.

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Tech Partner Testimonial

Use Cases - Client Onboarding | Axell-Hub

Axell brought deep insight and knowledge of how to work with corporate clients in their local market. This allowed the project to move from concept to implementation in a much shorter timeframe and we were able to deliver a solution that has delighted the client.

Use Case | Axell-Hub

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