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Use Case

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Cyber security insurance at home

We built the first personal retail cyber insurance proposition designed to keep families safe from online criminal activity, including data breaches, identity theft, and cyber bullying. 



  • Cyber crime is rapidly rising with criminals becoming more sophisticated
  • Businesses protected by IT expertise, but home security was a gap in the market
  • More digital vulnerability points than ever with multiple devices per person per household
  • Lack of support if a breach occurs



  • Proactively monitor and assess home cyber risk to prevent attacks
  • Home support to respond to a cyber breach
  • Recovery and back-up of personal data to mitigate cyber risk
  •  Integrate with other home insurance products


The Solution

  • 24/7 cyber expert response team
  • Personalised threat notifications
  • Supported with rich content
  • Proactive cyber recommendations
  • On-going home network scan
  • Secure backup
  • Payments and fraud detection


Axell Team | | Axell Hub

With our proven innovation process, we helped our clients
design and launch a fit-for-purpose solution

Use Case | Axell-Hub

The Solution

The proposition leverages corporate cybersecurity methods and brings it to the home. The 24/7 assessment, management and response to cyber threats keeps customers mind at ease.

Technology Partner Testimonial

Use Cases - Cyber Insurance | Axell-Hub

Working with Axell gave us space to focus on delivering a cutting-edge solution, while they navigated the stakeholder management process with the client. Axell’s deep understanding of financial services organisations, relationship and engagement processes meant we were able to keep the project on track so it could be delivered to market quickly.

Eyal Paltin


CEO, Surance