Use Cases

We’ve built and launched innovative solutions for our global clients.

Financial Advice

Enabling financial advisers to communicate digitally

We co-developed a digital communication tool for financial advisers to engage clients and grow their businesses. 

Car Insurance

Rewarding young drivers for safe driving

From customer research through to design and launch, we worked with an auto insurer to launch a new digital product to market.

Asset Management

Creating a digital client onboarding experience

We worked with global insurer and asset manager to implement a seamless client on-boarding experience while creating efficiency in the business.

Cyber Insurance

Protecting homeowners from cybersecurity threats

Bringing corporate-level cyber protection to the home to monitor, respond and block attacks for 24/7 peace of mind.

Life Insurance

Automating underwriting with AI and big data

We leveraged data models to reinvent the underwriting process for a large US life insurer, delivering a solution that reduced the need for invasive medicals.

Asset Management

Transforming security lending for greater returns

We helped a large European asset manager transform back office processing to automate securities lending and generate larger revenue.

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