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Financial and Insurance Advice Networks

Innovation Advisory

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Financial advice has never been more important and so
is the need to transform these networks

At Axell, we work with insurance and wealth management firms to transform advice networks to reach new clients and deliver best-in-class service, efficiently. Technology is key in order to move from the current model of one-way communication and information flow across fragmented systems and offline channel, to a centralised and connected network between all stakeholders. The result – customer experience excellence and improved business efficiency.

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Advisory Capabilities

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Axell's Adviser Segmentation Approach

We help our clients recognise not all financial advisers are the same. By creating a framework for segmenting advisers, it allows for targeted and tailored solutions to be delivered to each of the groups.

AdviceTech Partnering

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We're experts in AdviceTech
solutions that transform processes
and improve the customer experience.

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Today, the market is flooded with new AdviceTech solutions solving for a number of pain points across the advice value chain.
We take a strategic approach to AdviceTech investment by developing a deep understanding of your business objectives and a clear roadmap from design to adoption.
By partnering with us, you gain access to our extensive network of hundreds of FinTech start-ups across Israel and the world to find and co-design the right solutions.
You benefit from innovation methodologies that enable faster delivery to market.

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Enabling better client experiences
with the right technology

Our deep understanding of the client journey allows us to map the right technology solutions to the right moment in the client experience. With an extensive network of technology partners in Tel Aviv and around the world, we connect businesses with the innovative solutions to create value across the value chain.

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The Future of Financial Advice

Our Global Research Report

We spoke to global thought leaders to predict the future of financial advice networks. Combining human and technology to meet evolving customer expectations will be the key for the future successful adviser.

Read the full report for all the insights.

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