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Bringing Innovation
to Wealth and
Asset Management

Wealth Management | Axell Hub

Innovation Advisory

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Our global experience allows us to
reimagine wealth management

At Axell, we work exclusively with the financial services industry to design
new and innovative solutions to traditional business challenges.
Our design thinking capabilities allows clients to transform more than just systems and processes. By embracing an innovation mindset, institutions can lay the foundation for a culture of creativity to continue to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

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Capital Markets &

We work with investment funds to continue to innovate through the unprecedented challenges facing the market.

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Wealth &
Asset Management

We believe the future winners in wealth management will be those who leverage AI and data analytics to build strategic solutions to today’s customers.

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Brokers, Advisors &

We redesign traditional wealth management to bring forward a hybrid model of human and technology to continue to remain competitive.

WealthTech Partnering

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From concept design to adoption,
we're your strategic tech partnership experts.

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Our headquarters are in the innovation capital of the world – Tel Aviv, Israel. At Axell, we connect wealth and asset managers with hundreds of FinTechs ready to embark on transformational projects.
Israel is home to hundreds of FinTech start-ups that are pioneering solutions to drive improvements across the value chain.
We will be your company’s representative within the local ecosystem in order to raise brand awareness and build direct channels to the latest innovations.

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Innovating the wealth value chain
to create customer and business value

Axell’s experience working with wealth managers in global markets allows us to bring strategic insight
to our clients, helping business leaders find growth opportunities.
We also bring design thinking and innovation methodologies to clients’ businesses
to deliver new solutions to market faster.

AI Use Cases Report

Read how AI is adding practical value to wealth and asset  management in our latest use case report.

Wealth Management | Axell Hub
Axell Team | Axell Hub

Your digital transformation starts today. Tap into our ecosystem and transform your business today.

Your digital transformation starts today.
Tap into our ecosystem and transform your business today.

Axell Team | Axell Hub