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Claims Experience

Using deep customer research, we were able to design a new claims experience for health insurance customers that put them in control of their journey.



  • Lack of transparency across the entire claims process.
  • Information asymmetry – customers unsure of claims progress.
  • Manual processing by customer and business.
  • Operational inefficiency with Claims team managing hundreds of emails a day.



  • Build a transparent claims process to keep the customer informed.
  • Empowering the customer to control the claim with digital tools.
  • Deepen customer relationship with personalised advice and support across t the journey.
  • Use automation and digital platforms to manage operational efficiency and compliance in back-end.


The Solution

  • In-depth customer research revealed current state challenges.
  • Future-state journey designed and digital claims prototype built.
  • Final result will allow business to manage hundreds of claims digitally saving business time and resources.
Customer-centric design starts with customer research

Bringing customers’ voices to the table meant the claims experience was built around their needs and addressed the pain points experienced in the journey today.

Engaging stakeholders across the business to design future state

The insurers’ cross-functional project team worked to map the current and future state journey that brought together the needs of the customer and business.


Axell Team | | Axell Hub

With our proven innovation process, we worked with our clients
to design and launch a fit-for-purpose solution.

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