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Enabling employers to reward teams

We launched a revolutionary employee wellbeing app alongside Israel’s leading HR software provider and an existing tech start-up. The mobile solution allows employers to distribute employee rewards in a new, engaging way. Employees collect points for healthy choices that are stored in their digital wallet and converted to purchases inside the app marketplace.



  • Employers want to create a compelling value proposition to attract high-quality talent.
  • Employers want a streamlined way to allocate HR budgets and to track the ROI. 
  • Employees expect value beyond a paycheck from employers.
  • Existing wellbeing apps don’t help employees manage all aspects of health – physical, mental, and financial.
  • Existing solutions don’t maintain engagement and incentivise behavioural change.



  • Build a solution that differentiates employers in the market.
  • Create infrastructure that can be leveraged as the future for group insurance.
  • Create a marketplace as a new channel for the employer to create value.
  • Encourage employees to use their benefits.
  • Engage employees in improving their health to ultimately reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.


The Solution

  • A digital employee wallet with 24/7 access to rewards and benefits.
  • The app tracks and measures health (e.g. sleep, exercise, nutrition) and rewards positive choices with points added to a digital card.
  • Gamified experience – employees covert points to rewards in the marketplace e.g. Smartwatch, gym memberships.
  • Employers can easily allocate HR budgets, and track and measure employee health and engagement.


Axell Team | | Axell Hub

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Backed by an Employer Dashboard

To scale the solution, it was critical to have an administrator dashboard empowering HR managers to allocate budget and track engagement. Our solution’s dashboard offers a simple platform for the distribution of HR funding into key areas that are desirable to the business. The entire solution can be white-labelled and offers a compelling proposition as a differentiator in the group insurance space.

Client Testimonial

With Axell’s effective innovation process, we quickly defined and designed a customer-centric solution that not only created substantial value for our clientele but also created a competitive advantage for our business. Leveraging their extensive expertise and network of tech partners, we successfully crafted a prototype that laid the foundation for a promising venture, further enhancing our overall value proposition.

VP Research & Development