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Motor insurance for young drivers

We brought design thinking methodologies to build a new competitive car insurance proposition for our client – Israel’s largest motor insurer. 



  • Existing motor insurance policies cover the vehicle, not the driver 
  • Families with more than one vehicle are forced to pay higher premiums for young drivers 
  • Young drivers have to remember to activate their insurance policy before driving, creating stress
  • Very little incentive for young drivers to reduce risk
  • For the client, the motor insurance market is crowded meaning it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate



  • Build an insurance offering that engages young drivers and rewards them for good habits
  • Collect data of young drivers’ behaviour allowing the insurer to more accurately price risk
  • Offer parents peace of mind by allowing visibility of how their young driver is behaving on the road


The Solution

  • Digital car insurance policy for young drivers that allows them to reduce costs by driving safely 
  • Customers install smart sensors in their car that monitors driving behaviour and automatically activates the policy when they’re driving
  • Young drivers get rewarded with points they can redeem with other businesses
  • Parents connect through an app to keep an eye on driving behaviour, access services and make a claim


Axell Team | | Axell Hub

With our proven innovation process, we helped our clients
design and launch a fit-for-purpose solution

Designed for young drivers, by young drivers

The project began with deep customer research. We listened to real customers in focus groups and interviews to understand pain points with current motor insurance. 

Insights revealed both parents and young drivers were happy to have sensors in their cars if meant paying lower premiums. Also, the idea of an always-on policy brought peace of mind to both knowing they were protected.

The solution allows the insurer to engage young drivers in their driving and insurance, redeeming points through a marketplace of partner businesses. 

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Interested to find out more? We have a comprehensive case study that steps through the research and ideation process and gives an up-close look at the final solution.

Request your copy of the case study by getting in touch with an Axell team member. 

Client Testimonial

With Axell’s leadership, we launched a customer-centric proposition to market that was designed to solve our customers’ unmet needs. By bringing together a cross-functional team from our business, we were able to build  a revolutionary car insurance product that is helping to keep our clients safer.

Use Case | Axell-Hub

Roni Lichtenstein Shany

Ayalon Insurance

Use Case | Axell-Hub

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